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City Guide - Bharatpur
Introduction: The Bharatpur wild life sanctuary is known for its large reserve of various species of birds. The other name of this wonderful natural habitat wild life sanctuary is Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary. It is located in the Indian state of Rajasthan. The name is derived from the shrine of Keoladeo, an expansion of Lord Shiva in Bharatpur enshrined in a small temple in the campus of the park. Ghana refers to the dense and thick forest covering the area. This park is not so large as compared to the rest of the wild life sanctuaries. The area of Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary is just 29 sq km. This world famous bird reserve is claimed to have built by Maharaja Suraj Mal.

Species available: The land of Keoladeo Wildlife Sanctuary is an internationally known bird sanctuary, which was built by any king. The whole area of 29 sq km unbelievably an artificial lake and wetland constructed by Suraj Mal the Maharaja of Bharatpur. This current wildlife reserve was once the leisure place of hunting for the royal hunters. The birds available in this park include some of the world’s most rare birds. There is an approximate estimation of 300 species of birds nestling around this park. It is a great place to wander for people with affection for birds. Apart from the birds there are also some good amount of other beautiful and rare animals too. Mammals, antelopes and reptiles are also harboring here. Some common animal species available here are Striped Hyena, Chital, Golden Jackal, Fox, Nilgai, Sambar, Porcupine, Black Buck, Monitor Lizard, Wild Boar and Mongoose etc. Fishing Cats are visible sometimes and Pythons Point exhibits a good view of Pythons. The Siberian Cranes are the thirst of visitors. This beautiful Cranes are shifting to and fro with Bharatpur and Iran. Beautiful red beaks and the patches on the face of this bird is the distinctiveness from rest of the birds. The birds are of local breeds and some species are seasonal or migratory. At the starting of winter, all the birds start migrating from various places of the world. Spanish sparrow, Rosy Pelican, Coot Snipes, Flamingo and Red Crested Porhard are some of the valuable migratory birds of this wildlife park.

Travel information: Bharatpur is well equipped with all the modern facilities of transportation. One can travel here by all means of airways, railways and roadways. Agra airport is the nearest possible airport from Bharatpur. It is 56 km from the park. The Agra airport facilitates transportation of Bharatpur to all the major cities and metropolitans of the nation. There is a railhead in Bharatpur itself of about 6 km distant from the wildlife park. This directly connects with most of the central and northern states of country. Buses and taxis also operate here for local and nearby cities transportation. Proper hotels and restaurants are available with ranges of cost and comfort.

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