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City Guide - Bodhgaya
Introduction: Bodhgaya is a very important place for the followers of Lord Buddha and a sacred place for Hindus. It is an important place in the state of Bihar. Lord Buddha got enlightenment sitting under a Bodhi tree in Bodhgaya. Due to the supreme power attained, he came to be called as Buddha meaning the enlightened one. Most of his life events and sermons took place in this holy place. The temples of this place popular for the rich combination of architectural and cultural heritage of ancient times. The religion initialized by Lord Buddha is now spread throughout the world. Many rulers like Ashoka contributed to the further advancement in the sect.

History: Gautama Buddha was a prince of Sakya and his original name was Siddharth. Moved by the pain, sorrows and sufferings of people he decided to sacrifice his royalty and went out of his palace like a saint in search of truth. This all happened during 500 BC. Lord Buddha came wandering along the river Falgu and sat under a Peepal tree in the bank of the same river near Gaya and started meditating on his questions on reality of life. Soon Siddarth got enlightenment and came to be known as the enlightened or Buddha. He moved places and started the teaching of Buddhism. After his death, it was further enhanced with the help of the Mauryan emperor Ashoka in spreading globally.

Places of interest: One can find many places to see and understand about Buddhism here in Bodhgaya. UNESCO has announced the Mahabodhi Temple as a site of global heritage. The descendant of the original Bodhi tree where Buddha got enlightened is worshipped here in this temple. The throne of Lord Buddha in red slab and a huge image of Lord Buddha are kept inside the temple. It is a restored form of the original glory. The Bodhgaya Archaeological Museum is another tourist attraction in the city. One can also find monasteries of different architecture as built by different Buddhist nations from all over the world.

Travel information: Traveling to Bodhgaya is easy in all ways. One can avail himself with all means of transportation. Flight transportation can be initiated from the airport of Patna the capital of Bihar. It joins with cities of Delhi, Calcutta, Chennai, Lucknow, Ranchi, and Mumbai. The nearest international airport is Dumdum airport of Calcutta. Gaya at 10 km from Bodhgaya is the nearest and major railway station for travelers of this city. It links up with the cities of Patna, Puri, Varanasi, Calcutta and Delhi. The roadway service provides access to all small and big places in and around Bodhgaya. The climate during November to February is comfortable for visitors.

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