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City Guide - Kolkata
Introduction: Kolkata is one of the major cities of India and it is also known as Calcutta. Kolkata, the state capital of West Bengal, is enriched with all major contributions in every sphere of Indian activities.  The location of Kolkata is a swamp delta of the huge rivers Ganga and Brahmaputra. Much of the historical events of Indian freedom war occurred in this place. The land of Kolkata produces a number of distinct personalities contributing the name and fame of our country India. It was once the hub of the British East India Company, initially a trade and commercial company and later transformed into a great empire. They ruled over India for almost 200 years.

History: Kolkata was a simple village in Bengal. Murshidabad was the capital of Bengal during the Mughal rule. Siraj ud Daula was the Nawab of Bengal before the British Empire conquered Bengal in 1757 by Lord Clive in the Battle of Plassey. Initially Sir Job Charnok settled the British trading company in this place concerning security and transport reason. Later, their perspective converted to grab the administrative power over the land and became conqueror. The British made Calcutta their administrative capital in 1772 and shifted their capital in 1912 to Delhi. After the Indian independence, Calcutta became the state capital of West Bengal.

Places of interest: Kolkata is a place of lots of things to visit. Some sitable places of visits are The Victoria Memorial – this monument reveals the richness of the architectures of the Mughal as well as the Europeans. This marble monument was built in commemoration of Queen Victoria of Britain. Currently it is used as a museum. The Howrah Bridge – Britishers built this bridge over the river of Hoogly. It connects the city of Calcutta with Howrah. The Howrah Bridge is supposed to be the world’s third largest bridge. The Eden Garden – this is the popular cricket stadium where many national and international cricket matches have been played. Birla Planetarium shows about the universe both in Hindi and English language.

Travel information: Kolkata is a metropolitan city of India. There are no problems regarding how to reach the city. All means of advanced transportations are available at regular basis throughout the year. Airways, railways, and roadways connect to almost all the major cities of the country. Trams as well as the waterways are also well functioning in transporting goods and visitors. The airlines transport with the foreign nations too from the international airport of Dumdum at a little distance from the city. Calcutta is one of the major railway stations of India and its connectivity is throughout the Indian states. The metro in Calcutta further facilitates its local mobility. State buses and private buses, taxi, and rickshaws are also the best means of local mobilization. 

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