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City Guide - Rajgir
Introduction: The earlier name of Rajgir was Rajagriha and also known as Girivaraja. Rajgir is located in the south of Nalanda at 100 km distance. Rajgir is abound with the memories of both Lord Mahavira and Buddha. They visited frequently to this place for preaching and other purposes. Rajgir was the place where many king like Bhimbisara was converted to Buddhism by the Lord’s preaching. It is a sacred place for both the sects of Buddhism and Jainism. Rajgir is well numbered in temples and monasteries. Even though it is a modern village, the historical fact containing sources are well present in this place in form of architecture, temples, monasteries, sculptures and paintings.

History: Lord Buddha made this place holy by preaching his sermons from this place most of the time. Mahavira too paid a frequent visit to this place. Both Buddha and Mahavira spent the monsoons here. Buddha used to preach from Grodhkutta during the monsoon season. This village came to be popular since the advent of Buddha in the 6th century. In a sermon given in Rajgir, Lord Buddha preached the Bimbhisara and various others from the kingdom of Magadh towards Buddhism. It was once a popular city in olden times but it has currently diminished into a small village. Still it is well equipped with historical values in form of Cyclopean wall surrounding the town.

Places of interest: Some of the most tourist attracting part of Rajgir can mention Vishwa Shanti Stupa, Venu Vana Monasteries, Giridhakoota hill, the fort of Ajatshatru and Bimbisara jail where Bimbasara was kept emprisoned by his son Ajatshastu. There is a stupa with glistening statues of Lord Buddha on all four faces called Vishwa Shanti Stupa. This marble made mound stands 400 meters high. The Venu Vana Monastery was built by the king Bimbisara and presented it to Buddha and Buddha glorified it by using it as his residence. Another main tourist attracting site is the magnificent Fort of Ajatshatru at a distance of 6 km from railway station.

Travel information: The months between October to March is regarded as the best season for visiting this place. The mean temperature all over the year varies from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 40 Degree Celsius. Dining and lodging is not a problem. Hotels at average cost are available in the town. The Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation provides the facility of three tourist mansions to stay. Patna at a distance of 101 km is the nearest airport. Indian airlines and other airlines operate with cities of Calcutta, Ranchi, Bombay, Lucknow and Delhi. There is a railway station in the town of Rajgir itself helping the visitors from all over the nation. Reliable roadway services are available for nearby cities like Gaya, Pawapuri, Nalanda, Patna and Bihar Shariff.

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